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ASP Report Wizard  v.2.0

Create dynamic database reports with just one line of code. Generate reports from tables and views, combine tables and view to generate drilled down reports. Add charts & graphs and multiple report summaries including MIN, MAX, SUM etc.

Teroid ASP Data Browser  v.1.0

Teroid ASP Data Browser is an ASP .NET control presenting data from any ADO .NET source in a variety of customisable and user-navigable formats.

ASP String Component  v.1.0

ASP String Component - Parsing, RFC 822, RFC 3339 Date/Time Conversion, Encoding/Decoding for Base64, Hex, HTML Entities, URL, Quoted-Printable, Language Detection, Charset Encoding Conversion, Pluralize/Unpluralize, HTML Stripping, Pattern Matching

Teroid ASP Multi Segment Display  v.1.0

ASP .NET Multi segment display control

Teroid ASP Record Selector  v.1.0

Teroid ASP Record Selector is an ASP .NET control listing data from a column of an ADO .NET source, enabling users to select a record. When the users clicks a link an event is raised which can be used to open a page containing the whole record.

Teroid ASP Data Export Control  v.1.0

Teroid ASP Data Export Control is an ASP .NET control allowing users to download data from an ADO .NET DataTable object in XML, CSV or HTML format.

ActiveX/ASP Multi Dictionary object  v.1.1.2

Multithreaded dictionary object. Lets you work with unique/non-unique keys in VBA/VBS/ASP/WHS envinronment (share application/session variables in ASP) Features Free-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm (better than Scripting.Dictionary, which is

ASP Calendar  v.1.0

With this ASP + Javascript source code for IE 5.x able to show a popup calendar to select one date in your web

ASP Image Preloader  v.1.0

ASP Image Preloader 1.0 is a tool convenient for making a custom script that is injected into an Active Server Page (.asp) document. This script pre-loads every single image on your site so your viewers can have instantaneous access to every graphic,

HTML to ASP Converter  v.1.0

HTML to ASP Converter 1.0 offers you a convenient software which converts HTML code for use with ASP.Major Features:Provide conversion to an ASP string or to ASP code using the Response.Write command.Customize ASP string name, preserve original HTML

Zero Administration Guestbook ASP Scrip  v.1.3

Zero Administration Guestbook ASP Scrip 1.3 is an effective and proper tool which backups your current guestbook entries to a new file whenever a month pass by (in the format of yyyy-mm.htm files). This is a free ASP code, which is a self-managing

ActiveGanttCSA Scheduler Component for ASP.NET  v.2.8.6

Add Gantt Chart and Scheduling capabilities to your C# ASP.NET application. For more information go to:

ActiveGanttVBA Scheduler Component for ASP.NET  v.2.8.6

Add Gantt Chart and Scheduling capabilities to your VB ASP.NET application. For more information go to:

JOpt.ASP - Vehicle Routing ASP.NET Component  v.4.0.6

JOpt.ASP is a consistent advancement of JOpt.NET and exposes the unique JOpt vehicle routing capabilities via standard HTTP/SOAP interfaces. JOpt.ASP has been designed for enterprise applications and webbased solutions that are based on ASP.NET.

ASP-DOC  v.Beta

ASP-DOC will spider all the related files in the system and list all the functions for each file. This will help dramatically, in the documentation process. It will read- in included files and normal links that are relative to the "default" page

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